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Aussie Greenmarks is committed to seeing a cleaner and more sustainable future for Australia. That is why we have expanded our services to offer Solar PV systems to provide our cherished customers across Australia with clean and cost-effective energy that they can generate themselves from the comforts of their own homes.


For your business

We understand that businesses and other commercial enterprises have their own commitments and operating requirements. That is why we have expanded our services to offer Solar PV systems – to provide our commercial customers with the ability to generate their own electricity, becoming energy independent, saving on bills, to therefore foster growth and innovation.


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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service. We take great pride in everything that we do in our factory.

There are three main components to a grid-connected solar system: the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC to AC power converter (inverter solution), and a framing system to hold the PV panels in place. The inverter solutions are used to transform energy generated by solar (which consists of variable direct current, or ‘DC’) to regular electricity for ordinary household use (that require alternating current, or ‘AC’). Essentially, it ensures the right type of electricity is provided to you for your everyday use. PV panels are generally fitted on the roof facing north, east, or west for maximal energy generation. However, as the system is also connected to the grid, property owners need not worry about energy shortages at night or on cloudy days. This is because the system can switch to generating energy from the grid if required.

With any financial product that you buy, it is important that you know you are getting the best advice from a reputable company as often

  • Become Energy Independent
    Reduce your reliance on the grid and create your own Power Plant. Gain full control of your future electricity needs, expenses and lifestyle, especially if you choose to add a battery!
  • Help The Environment
    Live more sustainably by sourcing your electricity through renewable energy. Help our Earth by eliminating your dependence on fossil fuels and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Add Value To Your Property
    For homeowners, the installation of Solar PV systems can significantly increase the value of their property. This is because new homebuyers are increasingly recognising the benefits of solar.
  • Create Your Own Reliable Source For Energy
    Regardless of seasonal weather changes, Australians can always trust on the Australian sun to provide the shine, so you can always rely on your solar panels to generate energy.
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Established in 2011, Aussie Greenmarks has helped many Australian homes and businesses to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and also saved money through Energy Efficient products. As an Australian-owned business, we are proud to support the Australian economy and other fellows Australians through our services. Listed as an “Accredited Person” (AP) under the Victorian government’s VEU Program, and the “Accredited Person” (AP) under the New South Wales’ Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), you can trust our highly skilled and experienced team to strictly follow government guidelines established under the schemes.

What’s most important is that we see it as our responsibility to help create a more sustainable world, which we have proven through our decade of commitment to reducing toxic and environmentally harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Alongside, we believe in holistic sustainability, and are also passionate about improving the welfare of the Australian economy and its societies by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing Australians with easy access to clean and sustainable electricity, and creating local jobs.

  • 10 Years Warranty on Selected Inverters.
  • Up-to 25 Years Performance Warranty.